Re: Disembodiement (the image is the body...)

Subject: Re: Disembodiement (the image is the body...)
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 08:33:04 EST

Kevin Austin wrote :

>it is only in this century (plus a few years) that the
>'disembodied voice', was able to transcend time, and death.
> [...] so recording has 'concretized' the sound.
> [...]
>It could be seen that recorded sound 'un-disembodies' the voice.

-- Yet only on the one hand --in form of a making concrete of "fictive"
sound's/context's--, for on the other hand the *disembodiment* --and this I think was
implied in the former statement, too-- yet takes also place in alienating the sound
source from both a music instrument's and the human physical (performing) body. --
Wasn't, or still : isn't this a point that some people don't like EA music since no
performers can be seen on the stage (none to whom to assign the applause)...?
Might be necessary to distinguish between (the planes of) a "physical body", an
"abstracted body", an "imagined body", a "(re)concretized body"..., or :
PB --> AB (-->) IB --> (R)CB ... (quite presumably a kind of "spiral-like" movement,
where the "(R)CB" can (a performer) yet has not necessarily (a recording) to be the
Alexandra Hettergott
(excuse the points...-- and parentheses)

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