Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...

Subject: Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...
From: Don Malone (
Date: Sat Feb 13 1999 - 10:12:39 EST

>>when i make music with my live algorithmic generator
>>changes in the music are not always immediate
>>or even predictable in any deterministic sense
>>am i not performing
>No I would say you are not performing; you are presenting a performance. I
>was going to separate performing and the word "playing" the instrument,
>but again words...
>Repeatability is central to what I think of as performance; guessing about
>outcomes is what I think of as improvisation, be it via algorithms, dice or
>drugs. Different beasts. Maybe I'm old fashioned?
not only am i not performing, improvizors are not performing
so unless i know with absolute certainty what is going to happen
it is not performance
no performance without preformance
you cannot perforn unless you are an automaton

this is not old fashioned
this is an extreme radical view that discounts almost all music
so i guess most music is not performable

happy tunes


Don't anthropomorphize computers. They hate that.

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