Disembodiement (Re: encouraging polemics and reflection)

Subject: Disembodiement (Re: encouraging polemics and reflection)
From: Douglas Doherty (DouglasJPDoherty@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat Feb 13 1999 - 06:56:25 EST

Paul Rudy said

>We have been trained since the invention and wide commercial use of the
>telephone (sometime 75 years ago or more, i'm not exactly sure), to
>accept the disembodied the voice.

This seems to me to be technological literalism, and not strictly correct.
We have been hearing disembodied voices for CENTURIES; some of Athanasius
Kircher's devices, choirs and orchestras off etc. The disembodied voice
has always been a powerful tool of the creative artist in my view. The
listener's imagination too, has always been working overtime; take for
example the numerous visual pieces history has regaled us with. If we took
them literally the Garden of Fand for example would be filled with a
massive orchestra sawing away, not beautiful maidens and a huge storm.

As someone said about something else, sound, sound and sound!

Douglas Doherty

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