Disembodiement (Re: encouraging polemics and reflection)

Subject: Disembodiement (Re: encouraging polemics and reflection)
From: Paul Rudy (proody@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 09:40:54 EST

>Peter Valsamis wrote:
> ....
>Many musicians active today have grown up just playing
>electronic instruments, does this mean there's some sort of missing
>link? A dissociation from our physical bodies?

We have been trained since the invention and wide commercial use of the
telephone (sometime 75 years ago or more, i'm not exactly sure), to
accept the disembodied the voice. That seems to me to be a great leap
in our perception of sound. With the telephone, we now have to activate
our imagination in order to complete the image of the person on the
other end of the conversation. Inevitabley there are assumptions tied
to such filling in the blanks, and those assumptions are different for
everyone (two people listeing to the same unfamiliar disembodied voice
will "imagine" two completely different humans on the other end).
Disembodied music, IMHO, is an extion of this same idea: we are left to
imagine what the sound producer is, who is producing it, and how they
are producing it. This, again IMHO, strengthens the music, and makes it
much more literary in it's perception.

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