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Subject: Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...
From: DG Malham (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 07:29:03 EST

Palle puts his fingure on the basisi of the whole problem of human-machine
(meaning hi-tech, usually computer based machine) interface (or
interaction). We all (subconciously or conciously) expect to be able do
things IMMEDIATELY on these complex machines. Do we read manuals fully
(hah! - fat chance). Do we spend significant amounts of time getting
trained - usually not. Even if we think we do spend the time getting
training, it never compares to, say, the amount of time we spent learning
to read or write and nowhere near the length of time an instrumentalist
would spend learning to play their instrument (at least two lifetimes).
The whole problem being compounded by the rate of change of technology and
the desparate desire many manifest to always have the latest of
everything, even if it actual does the job worse.


On Tue, 9 Feb 1999, Palle Dahlstedt wrote:

> Concerning mr Eno's thoughts on creativity
> Isn't the whole thing very simple? Brian Eno (and his hired technician) tried to play on an instrument (the Godzilla-console) he (they) didn't master. Then he couldn't create "intuitively" or whatever he calls his normal mode of creation.
> If I would try to play on a violin, I would certainly think it was created with to many options and to much freedom. So I would start to practise or go back to my piano or synth.
> I really think I can compose fluently/intuitively or whatever you want to call it on modern computer tools, but not before I have practised on them and learned to master them. So, Brian, start practising mixer automation or whatever was the problem, and throw out that slow technician.
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