Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...

Subject: Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 14:20:32 EST

Rosemary Mountain wrote :

> I think it's quite legitimate to criticize a new piece of technology
>for being difficult to use.
-- I think this is less a question of being legitimate or not (for to say one's
opinion is a democratic right), but in any case one shouldn't make a general rule out
of it.
Apart from a single artist's creativity (problems) I don't find it a trivial task
that there are lot of industrial (research) branches (or: people, forthcoming
generations) which depend on developing new technologies. It is certainly useful to
overthink both the older and the newer concepts, all the time. Yet, also for the sake
of *any* new developments I think one should be a little cautious regarding a
sentimental attitude towards the older ones.
And: whether one does get lost in a (this or any other) mainstream does depend, IMHO,
very much on oneself.
>praised certain computer programs for their "elegance" -- which

-- Well, you don't seem to be interested in "product design", yet this can well be an
art in itself ...

Alexandra Hettergott.

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