Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...

Subject: Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...
From: Rosemary Mountain (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 07:19:39 EST

        I think it's quite legitimate to criticize a new piece of technology
being difficult to use. Was there so much outcry when some people
mentioned that they preferred analog knobs to digital inputs for some
parameter-controls on synthesizers? In the late 70's, as I recall, we
also praised certain computer programs for their "elegance" -- which
meant (or so I was told) that they achieved their objective simply
(although sometimes at the expense of much concentrated thinking),
without wasting millions of bytes in lines of programming. I noticed
that the word, and the concept, seem to have been lost in some of the
mainstream (non-music) software updates of the last decade.
        For me, the best aspect of Eno's article was his praise of the
sophistication of the human body/mind rapport -- something which rhythm
perception studies have taught me to respect. Being human does have
some advantages....



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