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Subject: Re: encouraging polemics and reflection...
From: Nye Parry (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 06:16:28 EST

Oh Honestly
Anyone would think there has never been a conflict between technology and
creativity, we've all used equipment that conflicts with our preferred way
of working. Interface design is a tricky business and can be got wrong.
(think DX7) The loss of physicality in hi - tech music making is hardly a
new issue in our community either. Why all this Eno - knocking. IS his
music uncomfortably close to our own? ...and successful???
He does talk rubbish a lot of the time (hands up who doesn't) but in this
instance he had a fair point as far as I can see. (though I confess to
having read only half the posting and deleted, so I can't check)

On Tue, 9 Feb 1999, Palle Dahlstedt wrote:

> Concerning mr Eno's thoughts on creativity
> Isn't the whole thing very simple? Brian Eno (and his hired technician) tried to play on an instrument (the Godzilla-console) he (they) didn't master. Then he couldn't create "intuitively" or whatever he calls his normal mode of creation.
> If I would try to play on a violin, I would certainly think it was created with to many options and to much freedom. So I would start to practise or go back to my piano or synth.
> I really think I can compose fluently/intuitively or whatever you want to call it on modern computer tools, but not before I have practised on them and learned to master them. So, Brian, start practising mixer automation or whatever was the problem, and throw out that slow technician.
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