The Passing of Juan Amenabar

Subject: The Passing of Juan Amenabar
From: Martín (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 08:01:49 EST

One of the pioneers of electroacoustic and computer music in
Latinamerica, the Chilean composer and engineer Juan Amenabar has passed
away in Santiago (Chile) this February 3, 1999.
Juan Amenabar, born on June 22, 1922, had been suffering a strong
illness that had put him off composing.

Juan Amenabar started his electroacoustic music practices in 1953, being the
first Latinamerican composer involved in electroacoustics.
His first electronic piece "Los Peces", is of an extraordinary
historical importance.

An article of mine referred to Maestro Juan Amenabar, which includes an
interview, will appear in a forthcoming issue of Computer Music Journal

Martin Fumarola

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