CD-R or Zip?

Subject: CD-R or Zip?
From: Douglas Doherty (
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 06:17:51 EST

>CDR: pros.
>+extremely cost effecient (less than 1cent per megabyte)
>+cross platform
>+large amount of space
>+possibilty of audio cd creation
>+approx 20 year shelf life
>+upwards compatible (dvd drives are able to read cd-r)
>CDR: cons
>-risk of shiney golden coasters
>-not all audio cd players are able to read cd-r
>-what else???

Once it's written it's written - no going back
Relatively slow?

>Zip: pros
>+able to write to disk_away from home
Rewritable - editable

>Zip: cons
>-small storage (according to today's standards)
>-shelf life? questionable.
>-price of media (15-20 cents per megabyte)
>-flimsy? I'm not too sure.
No not really flimsy
>In-a-nutshell... Does this comparison seem acurate? Am I missing something
Douglas Doherty

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