Re: CD-R or Zip?

Subject: Re: CD-R or Zip?
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 10:53:42 EST

At 10 33 02 04 1999 -0500, Daniel Romano wrote:
>I'm kind of set on
>purchasing a cd-r (panasonic currently makes a SCSI (internal) version for
>under $350 Canadian currency). But, a zip drive may prove to be just as


I have both Zip and CD-R ... three Zip drives (one internal on my main
machine, and two portables), and a Yamaha 400t SCSI CD-R (that replaced an
old Pinnacle 1000 that served for three years).

The Zips are invaluable for transferring audio files. Because composer
David Gunn and I host a radio show as well as doing lots of audio, the
exchange of large files (PCM, RealAudio, MP3) is very important to us.
Small files we can FTP, but on dialups, we exchange the Zips for everything
else. My 'day job' is as a freelance editor/writer, and Zips are regularly
used in the publishing business for artwork I also installed Mac read/write
software on my PCs to handle the publishing niche; programs like MacOpen
support Zip and Syquest.

We have 25 Zip disks, most of which were purchased for US$4 each from a
company moving to CD-R for backup. Only one disk from 1994 has gone bad
(too many Z track errors, unfixable). The rest have traveled with me
everywhere, loose in the bottom of my luggage.

I also do my incremental daily/weekly backups on Zips.

The CD-Rs are also invaluable for storage, and for archiving our sets of
radio shows in RealAudio, and naturally for large & long digital audio
files (in CDA and PCM format). I do backup of all my compositions, mixes,
and transfers to CD-R, and all the raw materials and intermediate stages. I
have about 30 CDs of raw material and intermediate material for an
installation project which has been re-composed several times.

I also do my monthly system backups on CD-Rs. The cost of good CD-Rs (I use
the new Mitsui silver/green) is very low, and I've never met a machine on
which these wouldn't play, right down to $25 portables from Circuit City.

If you can afford it, you may find it worthwhile to invest in both.

Best to you,

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