CD-R or Zip?

Subject: CD-R or Zip?
From: Daniel Romano (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 10:33:30 EST

    Concerning back-up media types... I'm kind of set on purchasing a cd-r (panasonic currently makes a SCSI (internal) version for under $350 Canadian currency). But, a zip drive may prove to be just as useful. An internal (approx. $130), external (approx. $220). There's that whole other debate of internal/external!
CDR: pros.
+extremely cost effecient (less than 1cent per megabyte)
+cross platform
+large amount of space
+possibilty of audio cd creation
+approx 20 year shelf life
+upwards compatible (dvd drives are able to read cd-r)
CDR: cons
-risk of shiney golden coasters
-not all audio cd players are able to read cd-r
-what else???
Zip: pros
+able to write to disk_away from home
Zip: cons
-small storage (according to today's standards)
-shelf life? questionable.
-price of media (15-20 cents per megabyte)
-flimsy? I'm not too sure.
In-a-nutshell... Does this comparison seem acurate? Am I missing something crucial?
Daniel Romano

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