Re: reviews of Copeland, Bouhalassa and Subotnick

Subject: Re: reviews of Copeland, Bouhalassa and Subotnick
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Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 15:09:43 EST

>Vital <> wrote:
>>In many ways, this music is a collaboration between Morton Subotnick -
>>>composer, Don Buchla - instrument designer and Ramon Sender - whohe?.
>Ramon Sender and Mort Subotnick co-founded the San Francisco Tape Music
>Center. Ramon was a San Francisco Conservatory student at the time, and he
>organized an electronic music concert series there. When the Tape Center
>received a large Rockefeller grant and moved to Mills College (a condition
>of the grant), Ramon retired to Lou Gottlieb's ranch/commune. He now lives
>in San Francisco, where he devotes himself to writing and on-line community.

I don't doubt that most of us on the list know who he is and was. However,
the person who wrote this review is not on this list as far as I know, so
if you want to point that out to him, you should really email them
directly, as I was just forwarding it much the same way Ian posts stuff
from Splendid.

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