Re: Notation in EA - comments?

Subject: Re: Notation in EA - comments?
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 08:00:19 EST

>Some of the best pieces I know have no plan at all. In some cases a
>score does not necessarily define a plan or describe an event but
>merely set up the conditions for an event to take place. To me this
>makes the score an integral part of the work with a life of its own.
>The role of the composer is secondary... as it should be.

Robert Fink (in Elvis Everywhere: Musicology and Popular Music studies at
the Twilight of the Canon -- American Music Vol 16 #2, Summer 1998)
tangetaly addresses this issue, which he writes is a burning one in the
musicology community.

As an example, a score of a heavy-metal performance may be inadequate, for
it is difficult to notate the central function of 'kinetic' activity. The
performance is less about 'the sound', than the release of particular
types of energy.

Rule based composition (algorithmic) has as an output, any of a virtualy
infinite number of possiblities. The score is the set of rules: the sonic
output is one such representation.

This does not negate that there are composers who want 'this' sound in
'this' place.



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