Re: Notation in EA - comments?

Subject: Re: Notation in EA - comments?
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 11:17:29 EST

Kevin wrote :
>A score (whether eventline, spectrogram, or squiggles) ...
-- I'm not sure if applying the term "score" to something (originally) depending on
physical data, like the spectrogram, really does bring any clarification here ...;
yet I admit that "score" in English does mean also "result", while French
"partition"/German "Partitur", hence "music score", might refer more likely to
something like a "prescript" -- yet quite well a source for further fuzziness ...

As regards Steven's :
>3. Given that some EA composers work almost entirely in software
>environments that generate copious amounts of visual material as the work
>progresses, how valid would it be to consider this material an after-the
>fact 'score'?
-- I think it is clear that the distinction between being either "prescriptive" (what
can be also a mathematical term or graph) or "descriptive" or "after-the-fact"/causal
(i.e., physical data/spectrogram, yet also any subjective depiction) generally
results of whether there is something like a step of (auditory) "perceptive feedback"
in between (the perceptual interface). One might say that here with the intermediate
stages of auditively checking back the visual facts, "as the work progresses", it
does become more and more "descriptive" then (a hybrid, quite sure).

Alexandra Hettergott.

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