Re: Notation in EA - comments?

Subject: Re: Notation in EA - comments?
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 06:01:12 EST

Steven wrote:

>1. For recorded works (with no live performance or composer-directed
>active projection), what functions does a 'score' actually serve for
>listener and composer?

A score (whether eventline, spectrogram, or squiggles) may bring sounds
to the attention of the listener that would otherwise be missed. Two (of
the basic) modes of listening / hearing are 'synthetic' [gestalt] and
'analytic'. It is possible to hear a major triad as a gestalt structure
(tone color), or as three (or more) notes. In listening to Chopin, most
frequently (IME), synthetic listening prevails, ie, the 'note' is the
smallest element. In listening to pieces by James Tenney, sonic
components of the note are points of focus.

>3. Given that some EA composers work almost entirely in software
>environments that generate copious amounts of visual material as the work
>progresses, how valid would it be to consider this material an after-the
>fact 'score'?

Maybe your use of the word 'score' needs some clarification, regarding
whether it is prescriptive or descriptive.



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