Re: copyright and translation

Subject: Re: copyright and translation
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Sun Jan 31 1999 - 18:24:12 EST

Kevin Austin wrote :

>some graphic and sonic way of 'showing' what happens, and what is being talked
>An event time line can reflect when something happens, a spectragram
>(along with other tools) will often allow much finer visual resolution,
>but publishers' permissions are (?) required before being able to present
>this material.

-- A spectrogram *in any case* is a sort of (derivative) abstraction (hence no
copyright duties ...), which nevertheless can be much helpful getting an at-once
overall view on a composition's structual course (if storage/processing capacity does
allow ...) as well as on its spectral distribution.
Regarding the former, the "at once" is very important since not provided, generally,
comparatively, by a music score; regarding the latter I consider it very important
that the spectral visualization tools' user is familiar with the display's basics
what does mean, in consequence, that one does have *an idea* of what is displayed
(vertically/horizontally). And regarding this, the notion of musical imagination is
not that different of any music score reading, with the very difference, however,
being that the score is prescriptive, yet the spectrogram descriptive (hence causal,
what implies some physical parameters ...). So, there will ever be differences in
music conception/composition, depending on what level of musical imagination one
isstarting : the *concept* or the *percept*, in creating a musical composition/work
of sonic art.

Alexandra Hettergott.

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