Re: Attn: AMERICANS: Future of NPR, PBS, NEA (fwd)

Subject: Re: Attn: AMERICANS: Future of NPR, PBS, NEA (fwd)
From: Jorge Antunes (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 09:09:35 EST

Many people wrote:

> >A friend in Philadelphia forwarded this to me this morning
> >(1/16/99). I consider this to be extremely important especially
> >in these times of McCarthyism.
> >I hope that you will sign and forward this petition.

> >The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the issue of whether public
> >funding to an artist can be linked with the idea of whether the
> >art is "decent." After the Robert Mapplethorpe "scandal" not so
> >long ago, Congress passed a law that for art to receive public
> >money via the National Endowment for the Arts, it must be deemed
> >decent. On NPR Morning Edition this morning, Nina Tottenberg said
> >that if the Supreme Court supports Congress, it is in effect the
> >end of NEA. Then, there's the question of Congressional funding:
> >Funding for NPR / NEA & PBS.
> >This petition is being passed around the Internet. Please add your
> >name to it so that funding can be maintained for the NEA, NPR &
> >PBS. Please keep this petition ... bla ... bla ... bla ...

I' m very affected by this big problem. I'll do my best to solve it.
But, please, say me what means those abbreviations: NPR; NEA; PBS.
I ask to include, in the same petition, an ask to FMI and to Mr. Alan
"pression over the brazilian government to destinate 0.000001% of the
billions of dolars, from FMI lending, to Culture in Brazil".


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