Re: women's opportunities in academia/industry

Subject: Re: women's opportunities in academia/industry
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 20:09:39 EST

(It may be time to re-name the thread?)

Anna wrote:


[big snip]

>All I have left to do are the individual 'scores' for each section which I
>am including.

There is an item here which I would like to get opinion on (informed,
un-informed and regional). It relates to where 'copyright' of piece ends.

In analysis, frequently it is necessary to quote sections of pieces, and
if the work is in copyright, the copyright owner's permission is
required. But what happens if the actual piece is not 'quoted', or

For example, if I have prepared four versions of scores for Henry, Voile
d'Orphee, which, if any, are in violation of copyright?

(1) Pictures responding to the images that the sounds project on my inner

(2) A freely graphic timeline (squiggles, loops, dashes, lines).

(3) An event timeline

(4) A sonogram / spectrogram

Would the spectrogram be considered a 'reproduction' of the piece, and
therefore in violation of copyright, even if the original could not be
'reverse engineered' from it? (Is the parallel a gif of a slide of a
photograph of a painting?)



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