Re: MO anyone?

Subject: Re: MO anyone?
From: Ross Bencina (
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 11:46:58 EST

I used to use a 3+1/2in fujitsu 230MB MO drive with a NeXTstation, that was
a few years ago now - the problem back then was the write time wasn't very
good - it had to do an erase pass and then a write pass - I suspect this was
a driver issue as much as anything else - it was very noisy for writes also.
Other than that it was very reliable and convenient - all my disks are still
working to this day (mainly mac formatted).

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James W. Beauchamp writes:

>While we're on this discussion of Jaz drives, I'm wondering if anyone
>has tried MO (magnetic-optic) drives, especially for use on Unix
>machines. I hear that Jaz has some problems on the NeXT, for example,
>but that the Fujitsu 640 Mb MO works beautifully out of the box. The
>price for an external MO drive via APS ( is about
>$400, whereas the Jaz II drive is $490. The MO media are much cheaper --
>$130 for 5, as opposed to $90 for one 1 Gig or $125 for one 2 Gig.
>Is there a down side to MO?
>Jim Beauchamp
>University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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