MO anyone?

Subject: MO anyone?
From: James W. Beauchamp (
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 11:42:14 EST

While we're on this discussion of Jaz drives, I'm wondering if anyone
has tried MO (magnetic-optic) drives, especially for use on Unix
machines. I hear that Jaz has some problems on the NeXT, for example,
but that the Fujitsu 640 Mb MO works beautifully out of the box. The
price for an external MO drive via APS ( is about
$400, whereas the Jaz II drive is $490. The MO media are much cheaper --
$130 for 5, as opposed to $90 for one 1 Gig or $125 for one 2 Gig.

Is there a down side to MO?

Jim Beauchamp
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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