NICE Clarification

Subject: NICE Clarification
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 05:33:56 EST


K Boehmer sent the following letter clarifying a number of items
surrounding NICE.

Kevin Austin
CECDISCUSS List Administrator

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>To all concerned / interested
>communities, federations or societies of
>Electroacoustic Music

>Amsterdam, january 20, 1999

>Dear Friends:

> recently some information concerning NICE strolled on the
>internet >which I would like to comment. The information suggested that
the >international organization CIME/ICEM has been replaced within the
UNESCO >music council by NICE. As I did not have any knowledge about this
>'move', I >immediately put myself in contact with Mr. Guy HUOT, the
Secretary >General >of the UNESCO-IMC, asking him what this information
(the provenance was >CECDISCUSS) meant. Mr. Huot confirmed me, that he had
no idea about the >source of this information and that he has not "talked
to a Canadian >composer of Electroacoustic Music since centuries".

>Though NICE (and NICE-members) have a good contact with the UNESCO-IMC,
>our >Community has already decided, 'not' to apply for a membership. A
>membership costs quite a lot of money and it would not serve the
>(practical) aims of NICE.

>Though it is evident that we would like all Federations which are still
>member of CIME/ICEM to become members of NICE, our firm policy is (and

>a] not to exert any pressure on them;
>b] to adopt a policy of strict, but friendly, neutrality towards

> Let me, once again, emphasize the character of NICE: it is a
>very >liberal confederacy of its members (actually 6 countries) which
until >now >have met once a year for a General Assembly. NICE has reduced
its >'bureaucratic affairs' to an 'absolute minimum'. Until now, the
>members >even do not have to pay a membership-fee. Those members who
attend the >General Assembly - which in general is embedded in a little
(or big: as >in >Vienna july 1998) festival - pay their costs (travel
etc.) themselves.

>The >purpose of the General Assembly is not to have long days of
>discussions >concerning the organization itself, but to discuss matters
which concern >the general situation of electroacoustic music (we started
a >discussion >and analysis of the authors' rights problems of
electroacoustic music). >We >also intend to develop NICE-meetings into a
forum, where actual >aesthetic, >methodical or compositional items can be
analyzed and discussed. NICE is >not interested in itself but in the
destiny and in the perspectives for >the >future of electro-acoustic

>Those (national) Federations who want to join us on those
>starting-points, >are invited to join the club (= to become member of
NICE). Those, who >have >reasons not to join NICE remain good friends.

>May I wish to all of you a very good (rest of) 1999?

>Art Music celebrates its 1000th year of existence. "Experimental Music"
>(Pierre Schaeffer rejected the term "musique concrète" already in
>1958!!) >has celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. "Electronic
Music" has >it's turn in 2001. We all feel young and look towards an
adventurous >future for the next 950 years. This future is what NICE tries
to >discuss: a 'terza >prattica' of music: Tentando Superabis!

>Sincerely Yours,
>Konrad Boehmer
>(president NICE)

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