Re: Jaz problems

Subject: Re: Jaz problems
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 10:21:54 EST

Cathy Lane wrote:
>Our recommended way of working was archive onto the Jaz
>drives, work of the External HD and archive back onto the Jaz at the end
>of each session.

Please, don't ever rely on Jaz as your sole copy of data. In our experience
using it for backups is risky enough!

>However we a experiencing a lot of problems of lost data
>etc. There is obviously some user err0r going down but I am becoming
>increasingly convinced that there is something inherently unstable in our

Keep reformatting the cartridges; if they fail, contact Iomega for free
replacement under their lifetime media guarantee (in my experience, you
will have to make many phone calls, send faxes, letters and maybe even
threaten legal action before they'll do anything, but eventually they do

>I have heard about Iomega 'click of death 'problems

I believe this is only applicable to some _Zip_ drives.

>our next port of call is to
>disconnect the samplers from the SCSI chain.

This is a good idea anyway, IMO; SCSI arbitration is a minefield.

>also we are I think moving on to a large sever for audio
>data at some point in the future but I wonder how other people using
>multiuser machines have dealt with the problem of audio files??

We use Jaz cartridges to transport files between the main studios and the
CD-writing systems. They can usually cope with that.

Further reading: - a promising
forthcoming alternative. "Iomega's Jaz comparatively is expensive, slow,
has suffered dramatic quality issues coupled with poor consumer

Good luck!


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