Jaz problems

Subject: Jaz problems
From: Cathy Lane (C.M.Lane@city.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 09:34:52 EST

We are running a Sound design dept.at London College of Printing media
School, based around Power macs primarily
running ProTools, Cubase VST, Sound Maker,and MESA. Most systems consist
of the Mac, External hard drive, jaz drive and Akai S2000 sampler (thus
MESA). There are two eras of computers: 6x 7600 running os 7.5 and 2x G3
running OS 8.1. Some computers have a few other gizmos attatched eg CD-Rs
and video capture cards.My students have just embarked on their first Pro
Tools project. Our recommended way of working was archive onto the Jaz
drives, work of the External HD and archive back onto the Jaz at the end
of each session. However we a experiencing a lot of problems of lost data
etc. There is obviously some user err0r going down but I am becoming
increasingly convinced that there is something inherently unstable in our
systems. I have heard about Iomega 'click of death 'problems - very
worrying and I am highly suspicious of MESA - our next port of call is to
disconnect the samplers from the SCSI chain. I am interested to know
whether anyone else has experienced anything similar or has any ideas of
conflicts etc also we are I think moving on to a large sever for audio
data at some point in the future but I wonder how other people using
multiuser machines have dealt with the problem of audio files??

                                    Cathy Lane
                        London College of Printing/ City Universtity

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