Subject: Newbie
From: Geoffroy Montel (
Date: Tue Jan 26 1999 - 11:18:12 EST


I'm new on the list.
My name is Geoffroy Montel, I'm 23, french but not a composer :)
Nevertheless, I'm deeply interested in musique concrete.
I subscribed the list because I want to have a technical help I can't
find anywhere else.
I began music at the age of 7. I play (badly) clarinet, keyboards and
guitar. I also own an old (amiga) computer to control my synth
(a sound canvas sc-55). I'm very interested in music theory too
though I'm an autodidact.

I'd like to record my own things now. But I have no idea how to
record and mix the whole thing.
I'd like to add musique concrete elements to my music, the way some
guys like Jim O'Rourke, Toy Bizarre do for instance.

My questions are:
1. what microphone to buy? I'd like to record some sounds in the
nature and treat them.
2. what should I buy, a normal or digital 4 tracks recorder?
I'm afraid that I could not obtain a sound distortion with a
digital 4 tracks when recording in a too high record level
4. a digital 4 tracks needs a drive to store the datas.
The price of the recorder + a zip drive, and considering
the price of a zip tape, wouldn't it be more accurate to
buy a full PC with Cakewalk 8 and a good soundcard?
4. what FX equipment would you recommand?
Keep in mind I don't have a huge budget :)

Thanks for any info,

All the best,


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