Re: On 8 speakers

Subject: Re: On 8 speakers
Date: Tue Jan 26 1999 - 04:53:56 EST

JF wrote:

>Also, is there no device to reflect the sound with enough clarity/fidelity?

Possibly in a very restricted sense, such as with 'whispering galleries'
(concave shaped surfaces that focus sounds back to a point), but they
operate over a very restricted area.

I believe that this idea mirrors the 'sound as light' view of
loudspeakers. A 1 kHz signal (the C two octaves above middle C) has a
wave length of about 33 cm (about 1 foot). Surfaces smaller than this
will be less and less 'visible' to the sound wave, and will tend to
create a scattering effect.

Sound is absorbed by all surfaces, but nowhere near as much as light is.
With a .5 second reverberation time, a sound wave will have traveled
about 150 meters, which in a 3 meter bathroom means that sounds will
bounce more than 50 times before being absorbed. (More or less).



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