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                  N E W S F R O M C D C M
            Consortium to Distribute Computer Music
         CDCM Computer Music Series on Centaur Records
                   Monday, January 25, 1999

              CDCM releases Volumes 26 and 27!
                CDCM announces lower prices!
 CDCM announces special sale on four classic CD's while they last!

          "This is ONE ambitious project!" Fanfare
" for investigation and delight." Computer Music Journal
             " made flesh." Keyboard

To date, the CDCM Computer Music Series has released 144 recordings
by 98 leading international practitioners of computer music from North
and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Into its second decade, CDCM: Consortium to Distribute Computer
Music announces the release on Centaur Records compact discs of Vols.
26 (CRC 2404) and 27 (CRC 2407) in the CDCM Computer Music Series,
the 12th and 13th in the CDCM Series theme, "The Computer Music
Studio," here, computer "Music from CREAM, San Jose State University,"
and computer "Music from CEMI, University of North Texas.

The critically acclaimed CDCM Computer Music Series on Centaur
Records continues with the production and release, 1988-1999, of thirty
compact disc releases, Volumes 1-30, produced and distributed
worldwide as a recorded repertoire of the best new computer music,
maintaining the highest quality performance and recording standards.
Inaugurated in 1988, this historic series of digital recordings of
significant computer music compositions created by composers affiliated
with major computer music centers and/or working independently. The
Series presents a wide range of styles and mediums, performed by
distinguished ensembles and soloists and produced and engineered with
great care and musical integrity. Four distinctive Series themes are
presented: "The Computer Music Studio" (Vols. 1-9, 17, 20, 26, 27, 29,
30), "The Virtuoso in the Computer Age--I-V" (Vols. 10, 11, 13, 14,
15), "The Composer in the Computer Age--I-VIII" (Vols. 12, 16, 18, 19,
22, 23, 24, 28), and "The International Computer Music Association
Commission Awards: 1992-96" (Vols. 21, 25).

The newest CDCM cd's include works by thirteen composers: Vol. 26--
Pablo Furman , Michael Frengel, Allen Strange, MIckey Helms, Dan
Wyman, and Brian Belet; Vol. 27--Larry Austin, Thomas Clark, Joseph
Klein, Jon Christopher Nelson, Michael Thompson, Yu-Chung Chen, and
Phil Winsor. Specifics of the composers, works, performers, recording
venues, and producers follow.

"...sound quality...._Sui generis_ says it well enough." Fanfare

"...the sound and the performances are excellent." Computer Music

          C D C M R E L E A S E S V O L U M E 26 !

                   CENTAUR RECORDS CRC 2404
     "Music from CREAM: Music for Players and Digital Media"
    Music from the Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music,
        San Jose State University, San Jose, California

Allen Strange, "Shaman: Sisters of Dreamtime" (1994), for amplified
violin and electronic sound; Patricia Strange, violin. Recorded at
Aurora Studios, Modesto, California, November, 1997; Strange, producer;
David Dow, engineer.

Mickey Helms, "Whispering Modulations" (1996), computer music on
tape. Recorded at CREAM, December, 1996; Helms, producer and

Brian Belet, "[Mute]ation" (1994, rev. 1997), for Kyma System and PC-
1600 Controller; Belet, computer live-performance systems. Recorded at
CREAM, December, 1997; Belet, producer and engineer.

Michael Frengel, "Three Short Stories" (1995-96), computer music on
tape. Recorded at CREAM, 1995-1996; Frengel, producer and engineer.

Dan Wyman, "Through the Reed" (1997), for viola d'amore and digital
recording; Jennie Hansen, viola d'amore. Recorded at Vista Sound, Los
Gatos, California, February, 1998; Dan Wyman, producer , engineer, and

Doug Michael, "Extensions #1" (1995-96), for electric guitar and tape;
Michael, electric guitar. Recorded at Angular Momentum Studios,
Antioch, California, 1995-96; processing and post-production at CREAM
and Angular Momentum Studios, San Jose; Michael, producer and

Pablo Furman, "Synergy" (1989), for flute and electronic sounds; Danilo
Lozano, flutes. Recorded at No Sound Studios, Pasadena, California,
November, 1997; post-production and editing by Furman in the
composer's studio; Furman, producer and engineer.

Co-producers, Allen Strange and Larry Austin. Executive Producer,
Victor Sachse. Cover art, Martha Newton Furman. Program annotator,
James McManus. Funding grants from CDCM; the SJSU School of Music
and Dance, Dr. Theodore Lucas, Director; and CREAM, Allen Strange,

       C D C M R E L E A S E S V O L U M E 27 !

                  CENTAUR RECORDS CRC 2047
             "CEMIsonics: The Threshold of Sound"
    Music from CEMI: Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
          University of North Texas, Denton, Texas USA

Phil Winsor, "Il Passaggio Spaziale" (1991), for piano and tape; Adam
Wodnicki, piano. Recorded in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater
(MEIT), CEMI, Denton, Texas, November, 1997; Winsor, producer; Michael
Thompson and Winsor, engineers.

Jon Christopher Nelson, "the rain has a slap and a curve" (1997),
computer music on tape. Realized at CEMI, 1997; Nelson, producer and

Yu-Chung Tseng, "A Little Ying Yang" (1995-96), for for piano and tape;
Christina Ay-Chen Long, piano. Recorded in the MEIT, CEMI, Denton,
Texas, September, 1997; Tseng, producer; Michael Thompson, engineer.

Michael Thompson, "Klank" (1997), computer music on tape in four
movements. Realized at CEMI and in the composer's studio, 1997;
Thompson, producer and engineer.

Joseph Klein, "Dog" (1997), for soprano, bassoon and tape; Heidi
Dietrich Klein, soprano, and Kristin Wolfe Jensen, bassoon. Recorded
in the MEIT, CEMI, Denton, Texas, September, 1997; Klein, producer;
Michael Thompson and Klein, engineer and post-production.

Thomas Clark, "LIGHTFORMS 2: Star Spectra" (1993), computer music
on tape. Realized at CEMI, 1993; Clark, producer and engineer.

Larry Austin, "Quadrants: Event/Complex No. 1" (1972; tape rev., 1994),
for symphonic wind ensemble and tape; North Texas Wind Symphony,
Eugene Corporan, conductor. Recorded at Margo Jones Performance
Hall, Denton, Texas, November, 1997; Austin, producer; Bruce Leek,
engineer; post-production and editing by Austin in the composer's
studio, gaLarry.

Co-producers, Jon Christopher Nelson and Larry Austin. Executive
Producer, Victor Sachse. Cover computer graphic art, Lou Harrison,
North Carolina State University Multimedia Lab. Funding grants from
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc., the University of North Texas
Division of Composition Studies, College of Music, and Office of the

"...CDCM's electroacoustic music series is remarkable for tenacity
no less its high quality. (Vol. 1 appeared in 1988!)...Excellent
notes as usual." Fanfare

 C D C M A N N O U N C E S N E W L O W E R P R I C E S !

CDCM announces new, lower prices for members of the professional
community. All CD's are now $15 USD plus shipping and handling.
A N D, CDCM announces an $11/cd sale on four classic CD's featuring
works by Larry Austin, Jerry Hunt, Martin Bresnick, Neil Rolnick,
Paul Lansky, Brad Garton, Morton Subotnick, Salvatore Martirano,
Allan Schindler, Rodney Waschka, and many others. Each disc is on
sale for only $11 (plus shipping and handling) for a limited time!

           C L A S S I C S S A L E A T $ 1 1 / C D !!

Vol. 1, CDCM Computer Music Series, "The Computer Music Studio--
I": Larry Austin, "Sinfonia Concertante: A Mozartean Episode," for
chamber orchestra and computer music narrative; Thomas Clark,
"Peninsula," for piano and computer music on tape; Jerry Hunt, "Fluud,"
for dual Synclaviers; Ausitn, "Sonata Concertante," for piano and
computer music, Adam Wodnicki, piano; chamber orchestra conducted by
Thomas Clark; produced at CEMI: Center for Experimental Music and
Intermedia, University of North Texas, Denton, CRC 2029.

Vol. 2, CDCM Computer Music Series, "The Computer Music Studio--
II": Richard Teitelbaum, "Golem I," for computer music performance
system; Martin Bresnick, "Lady Neil's Dumpe," for Yamaha TX816 MIDI
rack and Macintosh Plus computer; Neil B. Rolnick, "What is the Use?,"
for computer music performance system; Rick Baitz, "Kaleidocycles," for
Synclavier; Scott Lindroth, "Syntax," for Synclavier; performed by the
composers; produced at iEAR Studios, Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute, Troy, New York, CRC 2039.

Vol. 5, CDCM Computer Music Series, Inner Voices, "The Computer
Music Studio--V": Paul Lansky, "just_more_idle_chatter"; Paul Lansky,
Andrew Milburn, and Brad Garton, "Wasting"; Francis White, "Still Life
with Piano"; Alicyn Warren, "Contraption"; Brad Garton, "Approximate
Rhythms"; Marvin Butler, "Night Machines"; Andrew Milburn, Elmore;
produced at the Winham Laboratory, Princeton University; CRC 2076.

Vol. 14, CDCM Computer Music Series, "The Virtuoso in the Computer
Age--IV": Morton Subotnick, "Trembling," for violin, piano, and
"ghost" electronics; Rodney Waschka II, "Help Me Remember," for
performer and computer music systems; Douglas Scott, "Interlude and
Fantasy," for computer music on tape; Salvatore Martirano, "UIUS &
Jest fa Laffs,"for trio and computer music system; Allan Schindler,
"At the Edge,"for solo percussion and computer music; performed by
Robert Davidovici,violin; Adam Wodnicki, piano; Waschka, voice and
computer music system; Ciosoni Trio, and John Beck, percussion;
produced and recorded with support from the Recording Assistance
Program of the Texas Composers' Forum and the Music Recording Program
of the National Endowment for the Arts at Dallas Sound Labs, The
Computer Music Studios at the University of Illinois, and at the
Eastman School of Music; CRC 2170.

All prices are in US Dollars and subject to change. Please see the
CDCM web page for more information.

To order cd's and find out about the CDCM Computer Music Series on
Centaur Records, visit the CDCM website at:


                  or email

                or telephone/order at +1-940-591-8128

                   or mail inquiries/orders directly to

                               C D C M
                            P.O. Box 50888
                         Denton, TX, 76206 USA
Whispering Modulations" (1996), computer music on

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