Re: On 8 speakers

Subject: Re: On 8 speakers
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 05:04:49 EST

>On the point Kevin makes about going to a more circular array - the
>consistent distance/angular separation of the speakers in the array, at
>least as far as a central listener is concerned, do make things easier.
>However, at least the distance part need not be done physically, since the
>nearer speakers can simply be subject to digital delay and reduction in
>level to make them appear to be the same distance as the further ones.

We have discussed the use of delay lines and would do it, except that the
DDs are in the studios. At the last series of concerts, we found that by
moving the front speakers towards the audience by a little over a meter,
we were able to substantialy clarify position, space and motion. (Pictures
are or will be on the Concordia web site.)

If you look at the pictures, you'll see that we use 5 choral shells at
the front of the stage to assist in the control of the refelcted wave.
They are angled outwards somewhat so as to diffuse high frequencies
bounced off the back wall of the hall.

Certain technical and production limitations exist in the Concert Hall
(eg only 5 hours between the start of the set-up and the concert), but
we've learned much about the 'surround' style of ea/cm projection, and
make changes with every series.

Thanks to all for comments / advice.



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