On 8 speakers

Subject: On 8 speakers
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Sun Jan 24 1999 - 06:05:40 EST

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There is currently a discussion going on about the placement of speakers
in an eight-speaker environment. There are two 'easier' basic options and a
more difficult one. Darren Copeland has written:

>Also, last night before I left we re-configured the studio at le
>Conservatoire de Musique to more of a round circle.

> front
> 1 2
> 3 4
>left right
> 5 6
> 7 8
> rear

>Speakers 1,2,7 and 8 are roughly 25 degrees from centre. Speakers 3,4,5,
>and 6 are roughly 25 degrees from the right angle position.

The other basic option is for three stereo pairs, and a FRONT and BACK
speaker ...


         2 3

         4 5

         6 7



It is possible in the Concordia situation to set up both systems (more
or less) at the same time, having 10 speakers available.

The third, more complex in terms of production, is to create a cube.
Flying four speakers in our situation is not possible. The Concert Hall
does have two raised speakers in the 'front' position, but more work
needs to be done to determine if in fact this is of much use. (They may
be too close together and not high enough, but are used for general
reinforcement of groups, so are not able to be moved.)

It has been our (rather limited) experience that eight (and four) channel
pieces come in two basic varieties: an eight-channel 'projection' of a
stereo piece, or a discrete eight-channel piece. When programing, we
always put the discrete 8-ch pieces last, as once someone has heard
'real' 4 or 8-channel, 'sound projection' from a stereo source is like
Kool-Aid to real oranges.

The February concerts will feature a number of multi-channel pieces (from
ADAT), on both Tuesday and Friday. Detailed listing to follow later.

When preparing documentation, the most important thing to receive is a
picture, or detailed listing of where the composer wants each channel to
appear... just write:

        1 Front center
        2 Front left
        3 Front right
        4 Front-side left
        5 Front-side right

etc. Exactly how to adapt it to the existing situation will be worked out.



January thaw ... 7 degrees C (44F) almost misty.

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