Taliban and mail(Chain)

Subject: Taliban and mail(Chain)
From: Rick (Rick@uab.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 18:19:52 EST

As far as why on the CEC; je n'ai pas idee

This was the reply found when this petition was queried. (Forwarded from

>Please read this message carefully, especially the next two sentences. Do
>not reply to this email. Do not forward this email to anyone else. Anyone
>who needs a copy, already has one. Do not make things worse. Do not "help"
>by forwarding this message to everyone who has corresponded with you on
>this subject.
>Due to a flood of hundreds of thousands of messages in response to an
>unauthorized chain letter, all mail to sarabande@brandeis.edu is being
>deleted unread. It will never be a valid email address again. If you
>have a personal message for the previous owner of that address, you will
>need to find some means other than email to communicate.
>sarabande@brandeis.edu was not an organization, but a person who was
>totally unprepared for the inevitable consequences of telling thousands of
>people to tell fifty of their friends to tell fifty of their friends to
>send her email.
>It is our sincere hope that the hundreds of thousands of people who
>continue to attempt to reply will find a more productive outlet for their
>concerns. There are several excellent organizations and individuals doing
>real work on the issues raised. Some of them were mentioned in sarabande's
>letter. None of them authorized her actions. We suggest that you contact
>them through non-virtual channels to help. They all have web sites with
>information and contact points. Unlike sarabande, they can channel your
>energy in useful directions. Do not let this incident discourage you.
>Please do not forward chain letters under any circumstances, no matter how
>compelling they might seem. No legitimate organization and no experienced
>activist starts them. Propagating chain letters is specifically prohibited
>by the terms of service of most Internet service providers; you could lose
>your account.

Yves BERTIN wrote:
> De quelle organisation imane cette pitition ?
> Which organisation started this petition ?
> As the originators worded it, should it involve anybody outside the United
> States of America ? If not, why find it on CEC ?
> Selon les formulations utilisies par les initiateurs de l'appel la pitition
> ne semble concerner que les citoyens des Etats Unis d'Amirique. Pourquoi la
> ripercuter sur un site canadien ?
> >The Taliban's War on Women:
> J'ai lu ensuite la suite du courrier et apprend qu'il y aurait tentative de
> manipulation.
> Sur le riseau toute personne qui ripercute une information devrait se poser
> la question de son origine... Les 2 questions que je me posais auraient iti
> d'actualiti.
> I read the following mails, and understood an attempt at manipulating others.
> On the net anybody forwarding an information shoud ask a few preliminary
> questions : where does the information come from ? What's its value...

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