Re: MIDI to WAV conversion

Subject: Re: MIDI to WAV conversion
From: Daniel Romano (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 17:59:17 EST


Converting midi to wav for (but not limited to) WIN95/98/NT and AWE users...

In order to convert MIDI to WAV a few settings have to be changed. On the
taskbar, next to the clock, there is a tiny speaker icon. Double click it.
This virtual 'mixer' allows the routing of various signals to and from one
another. Click |Options|, then |Properties|, Select 'Record'. Also select
all available volume controls. Click 'OK'. Now, select Midi (only) and make
sure that the volume for 'Midi' is high enough for your recording (roughly
70-80%). By selecting 'Midi' as your recording device, the system routes the
midi output to the audio-in port. This logic will allow you to record from
your cd-rom (if 'CD-Audio' is selected), from your microphone (if
'Microphone' is selected), etc, etc... You can select multiple sources thus
sending them all to the audio-in port for recording and creating a Wav file.

And now for the actual recording part... there are several ways to doing
this. One possible way involves the simultaneous use of your sequencing and
audio-editing software. Launch both software packages. Load your midi file.
Click record on the AUDIO software. While the audio software is recording,
jump over to the midi software and click play.

Good Luck!
Hope this helps.

Daniel Romano

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