Re: digital 8-tracks?

Subject: Re: digital 8-tracks?
From: DG Malham (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 06:10:10 EST

Fuses are problematic - if they are set so that they will protect against
overload, they will be running close to their limits, so their resistance
will be modulated by the heating current flowing through them, which in
turn will cause distortion. Also, the common or garden variety fuse
holders tend to have relatively poor contacts which get corroded easily -
more distortion. Thirdly, in multiple unit speakers, which unit do you
fuse to? In an ATC20, for instance, the treble unit can only take around 5
watts continous and the bass unit 250. My experience is that with ea
music, treble units tend to be under most stress, with rock it tends to be
bass drivers.

Nevertheless, failing all else, fuses are worthwhile!

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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Steven Naylor wrote:

> Kevin wrote (among other more positive things):
> >Last year one studio was set up with eight speakers, but equipment
> >failure this year (5 pairs of blown speakers in the studios and Department)
> >have not allowed it to be done this year.
> Not sure if it is applicable to your situation Kevin - or whether you've
> already done so- but I found simply fusing our near-field speakers a good
> solution. Cheap and easy to do - and as likely to save hearing as it is to
> prevent speaker damage. Fuse size depends on the system, of course, but I
> just used garden variety Radio Shack components and trial and error to find
> fuse sizes that won't blow too easily.
> S

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