Montreal concerts. =>Re: digital 8-tracks?

Subject: Montreal concerts. =>Re: digital 8-tracks?
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 09:14:09 EST

>The EuCuE Concerts have had 8 channel pieces for a couple of years, and
>everything has been coming on ADAT. The February concerts will have
>almost 2 hours of 4 and 8-channel pieces, all on (16 bit) ADAT. (The
>concerts are curated by Darren Copeland, Ben Thigpen and Yves Gigon --
>detailed programs to follow.)

Pour ceux qui sont dans la region de Montreal, la period entre 28 jan et 21
fev vas etre bon pour ecouter ea/cm.
For those in the Montreal area, the period between Jan 28 and Feb21 is
going to be hot for listening to ea.

ACREQ: Jan 28, 29
Concordia: fev/Feb 9-12
Rien a Voir: fev/Feb 17-21

14 concerts dans 25 jours... est ce qu'ils ya des autres? Ils ya quelques
trous a remplir... ;-)
14 concerts in 25 days... Are there others? Its not as busy as in
October... ;-)

Apres de liser les recents email par rapport de la media ici, dans ce
context, je trouve leur attitude un peux bizarre.
Seems so bizzarre that the local music media has not woken up to whats
going on.


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