Re: digital 8-tracks?

Subject: Re: digital 8-tracks?
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 06:12:37 EST

Yo John

>I'm trying to get an idea of what portable 8-track formats people have
>opted for: ADAT, Hi-8, Hard disk systems etc.

At Concordia, most of the University adopted ADAT many years ago. The
Department of Music held out for Hi-8 because of the 2 hour recording
time, SMPTE etc (for concert recording). A couple of years ago, the
Department adopted ADAT for compatability, and there are now 4 machines,
shared by 3 studios. The objective is to have a 16 channel system
available in one studio.

The first year studio ADAT sees about 40-50 hours per week of use. The
only big problem has been that most of the other machines are 16 bit and
ours are 20 bit ... <ug> to compatability. The ADAT is used for
collecting sounds which are then mixed down to stereo (on DAT).

Last year one studio was set up with eight speakers, but equipment
failure this year (5 pairs of blown speakers in the studios and Department)
have not allowed it to be done this year.

The EuCuE Concerts have had 8 channel pieces for a couple of years, and
everything has been coming on ADAT. The February concerts will have
almost 2 hours of 4 and 8-channel pieces, all on (16 bit) ADAT. (The
concerts are curated by Darren Copeland, Ben Thigpen and Yves Gigon --
detailed programs to follow.)

We have had more DAT failures and incompatabilities than ADAT. We do not
have the resources to consider Hi-8 at this time.



(Hi Isabella ....... dB)

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