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1999 McKnight Visiting
Composer Program

Through a grant from the Minnesota-based McKnight Foundation, the American
Composers Forum is awarding two composers $13,500 each to design and carry
out their own residencies in Minnesota. Visiting composers spend at least
60 days (preferably continuous) in Minnesota working on projects with
Minnesota communities (not necessarily musical communities). This is not
a commissioning program, although new work may be a part of the residency.
Visiting composers should complete their projects within one year o f
receiving the award.

In keeping with the Forumıs commitment to promoting awareness and
understanding of living composers, the program encourages interaction with
a variety of venues where new music is rarely heard, such as rural areas,
schools, community centers, and with par ticipants who may not have worked
with a composer before.

Specific partner organizations are not required at the time of
application. The panel is more interested in project designs that are the
most promising. Selected composers will be asked to develop their plans
prior to beginning the residency.

Selection Criteria

Creative potential, imagination, and effectiveness of the proposed
project. Consistent high quality of previous work. Significance of this
program to the composerıs career.

Who May Apply

Composers Forum members living outside Minnesota (anyone may join).
Students who have not yet completed their course work may not apply. You
may submit a $45 check (for U.S. membership) with your application. For
membership information call (651) 228-1407 . Previous McKnight Visiting
Composers may not apply.

How To Apply
        Send the following to ACF:

        1] A project proposal (three pages maximum) addressing the
following points:

        A detailed description of your proposed activities while in
Minnesota, including interaction with a specified community, explanation
of the value of your residency to that community, and public presentation
of your work (sample proposals are available upon request).

        A statement explaining the direction of your work, musical stance,
and why the residency you have designed would be useful to you.

        2] A maximum of three clearly-labeled recordings (cassette, CD,
DAT, or VHS-U.S. standard only) of works you have composed in the last
three years. Recording #1 should begin with a 4-minute sample of your most
characteristic music. Highlighted excerpts or a section of a longer work
are acceptable. This may be followed by a complete work. Send a separate
recording (of and duration) for each additional work you submit. Cue these
to the beginning of the tape, and include a brief work sample description
(e. g., date, place, performers, notes).

        3] A maximum of three scores, preferably matching the works on the
recordings, marked with the dates of composition. Written scores are
required, unless they are inappropriate to your compositional style. For
improvised performances, describe the nature
 of your involvement as the composer.

        4] A resume and/or bio (two pages maximum).

        5] Other relevant support materials, such as letter(s) of
commitment from individuals and organizations involved in your proposed
project (optional, but preferred when the proposal suggests involvement
from specialized communities).

        6] A check (no stamps, please) to cover return postage of your
application materials.

Deadline for Application

Application materials must be postmarked by Saturday, March 13, 1999.


The 1999 McKnight Visiting Composers will be selected by a three-member
panel. Composers selected for a residency will be notified by May 15.

Send applications to Philip Blackburn, ACF, 332 Minnesota Street, E-145,
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1300 USA. For more information about the American
Composers Forum or the McKnight Visiting Composer Program, call: (651)
228-1407, fax: (651) 291-7978, e-mail: p or

1999 McKnight Visiting Composer Program Application

City State Zip
Telephone e-mail
Suggested Collaborating Organization (if known)
Contact Name
City State Zip

        this application form letter(s) of commitment (optional)
        recordings/number: return postage check (optional)
        scores/number: I am an ACF member.

        project proposal
               I would like to join ACF. (Enclosed is $45 if US res.)


1998 McKnight Visiting Composers

Ron George (Los Angeles, CA): Worked with schools on presentations using
the American Gamelan Richard Johnson (Brewster, MA): Led
instrument-building workshops with area elementary schools

1997 McKnight Visiting Composers:

Ermir Dergjini (Albania): Gave presentations on Albanian music and
researched American music to take back to Tirana.

Pamela Z (San Francisco, CA): Worked with schools, a theatre for the
handicapped, and neighborhood centers on performance technology and use of
sampling the local environment.

1996 McKnight Visiting Composers:

Brent Michael Davids (Tempe, AZ): Led a series of instrument-making and
performance workshops for young people at the Minnesota Childrensı Museum.

David Revill (England): Coordinated nine high schools in the creation of a
large music-drama, and composed a percussion work with which to tour the

1995 McKnight Visiting Composers:

William Banfield (Bloomington, IN): Created a work with public school
students. Composed an orchestral piece. Organized composer meetings.
Taught at the University of St. Thomas.

Dan Senn (Tacoma, WA): Created a sound-video installation in a rural cave.
Made sound sculptures for group performance. Worked with outstate colleges
and artists.

1994 McKnight Visiting Composer:

Warren Burt (Australia): Organized a local improv group. Made new
algorithmic works for computer and live performers. Mentored younger
composer/performers. Worked with critics. Taught. Wrote. Researched
Minnesota composers for future projects.

American Composers Forum
332 Minnesota Street, #E-145
St. Paul, MN 55101, USA

Tel: (651) 228-1407 Extension # 23
Fax: (651) 291-7978

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