Subject: Categories
From: Anders Vinjar (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 05:04:59 EST

Hello world!

While i know there has been some debate around this along the route -
sorry to bore you all with questions around $$!. Sadly enough, this
continues to be a rather important issue in my daily life, and i guess
for most of you.

The theme now is criteria for complexity. When an organisation applies
for money to give a certain commissions to a composer, how to set up a
sturdy system of 'boxes' to sort the intended work into.

As i see it - other views appreciated! - the 'boxes' should account for

   * Complexity
   * Amount of work
   * Necessary knowledge

I would be very much interested in hearing what other nations and
organisations systems look like. Perhaps also in comparison with the
situation in instrumental music.

Whats the situation in England? In Canada?

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