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Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 22:43:10 EST wrote:

>>You mentioned that you have the programs from last year. Were the
>>curators of the concerts named? Are they cited as 'artistic directors'?

>>If the situation is one of inviting curators, then it is likely up to the
>>national ea/cm association to lobby the organizers to be included in the
>>selection / decision making process, and for international organizations
>>to lobby for full, open and complete inclusion of ea/cm. (cf Alain
>>Thibault's recent comment about Tele-Quebec).

Today I heard an interview about how the works were selected, and there
was both good and bad news. 2 1/2 years ago the idea was presented that
Radio France would have a major focus on the music of Quebec in 1999.

Denys Boulianne (?) contacted a large number of Quebec composers for
input on a list of the most important works in Quebec. From an initial
list of 75, an intermediary list of 45 was created, which was reduced to
about 27. It's good to know that it was a consultative process.

Unfortunately for the ea/cm community, it reflects on the lack of
presence that we have in the contemporary music scene in Quebec, that
there was apparently no ea/cm representation.

The CEC has worked for close to a decade to overcome this systemic
blindness, and continues to do so, not on ly in Quebec, but across
Canada, and in conjunction with a number of other associations (notably
SAN, SEAMUS, DegeM), at the international level.

The history of Quebec contemporary music has yet to be written, and if it
were to be written by someone with a particularly keen eye towards
aspects of gender representation, and cliqueishness, it would indeed be a
revealing history ... (but that's for someone else to do!).



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