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Subject: Re: CD release concert
From: Lawrence Casserley (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 09:28:52 EST

In message <l03130304b2c889bd2863@[]>, Andrew Czink
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> Hi there CECers!
> We're releasing German
>composer/pianist Rainer Burck's new CD Without Fear featuring his work for
>electroacoustics and acoustic solo instruments with interactive computer
>electronics. He's being joined by German flutist Miriam Arnold and German
>violinist Gunter Marx. The concert will also feature a large scale work for
>two pianos and electronics created by Rainer and myself.

> Hope to see you there,

Good luck for the gig - sorry I can't make it!
And give my best wishes to Rainer - I'll look forward to hearing the CD.

All the best

Lawrence Casserley

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