sending a click track...

Subject: sending a click track...
From: chin-chin chen (
Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 13:11:29 EST

Dear all,

Could anyone provide me any info as to how we usually handle sending a
click track to the player(s) in a performance??

In a recording session we had in the summer, we used an ADAT, on which
there are two tracks for the stereo tape part and one track for the click,
going through a mixer. I can always bring the ADAT with me if I will be
attending the performance. But what if I won't?? It'll cost me more if I
always have to send out an ADAT to the performer. Any other solutions?

Any info will be very grateful.

Chin-Chin Chen

rainy, dull, but warmer (37 F).
school in two days, yike!

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