Re: No just Quebec (with translation)

Subject: Re: No just Quebec (with translation)
Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 06:16:05 EST

James Harley has provided some background on the <Presences> event. Thank
you Jim.

>As for the Quebec presence at Présences, let's not forget that it has been put
>together under the direction of one person, Denys Bouliane.

This said, then the correct term would be 'curated' ... and the question
arises as to how M Bouliane was selected to curate the selection. Are
there guidelines? Is there public funding involved? Will there be an
'acousmatic' composer selected as next year's curator? How does a member
of the ea/cm community 'get on the list'?

> Anyone else would make
>different choices, and go about making the decisions differently. But
>that's what artistic directors are for, to present their vision.

You mentioned that you have the programs from last year. Were the
curators of the concerts named? Are they cited as 'artistic directors'?

If the situation is one of inviting curators, then it is likely up to the
national ea/cm association to lobby the organizers to be included in the
selection / decision making process, and for international organizations
to lobby for full, open and complete inclusion of ea/cm. (cf Alain
Thibault's recent comment about Tele-Quebec)



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