Re: No just Quebec (with translation)

Subject: Re: No just Quebec (with translation)
Date: Sat Jan 16 1999 - 19:56:50 EST

I attended some of Présences last year, and I have the program here. Of 19
concerts, just two were with GRM, and both included elements/pieces involving
ensemble/orchestra. A couple other pieces in the festival incorporated tape
parts, or live electronics. That's it.
No doubt the focus of the festival changes from year to year, but it would
appear that instrumental concerts are given priority.
As for the Quebec presence at Présences, let's not forget that it has been put
together under the direction of one person, Denys Bouliane. Anyone else would
make different choices, and go about making the decisions differently. But
that's what artistic directors are for, to present their vision. I imagine, in
this case, the idea is to present Quebec performers as well as composers.
And, regardless of whether or not M. Bouliane chose to include the
Dhomont/collective work, it IS in the program. If, as last year, there were to
be just two electroacoustic concerts for the whole festival (which comprises
much more than music from Quebec), then this would be a major contribution.
And, I would hazard the guess that electroacoustic music from Quebec is much
better known in France than is recent instrumental music.

James Harley
(being represented neither acoustically nor electroacoustically at Présences
99 !)

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