No just Quebec (with translation)

Subject: No just Quebec (with translation)
Date: Sat Jan 16 1999 - 15:00:39 EST

A recent spate of postings in french have revolved around the topic of the
place / recognition of electroacoustic/computer music, in Quebec society.
While, apparently, of only local interest, I have found a large number of
parallels to the situation existing for ea/cm practitioners in many
countries and internationaly. It is with this as background, that I have
prepared a translation of Alain Thibault's recent posting: following
which is personal observation.

Kevin Austin
CECDISCUSS List Administrator

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>Subj: -La culture dans tous ses états- musique contemporaine québécoise

Culture in all its states: Quebec contemporary music

>Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 14:35:13 -0500 (EST)
>From: thibaul@CAM.ORG (Alain Thibault)
>Subject: -La culture dans tous ses =?iso-8859-1?Q?=E9tats=2D?= musique
> contemporaine =?iso-8859-1?Q?qu=E9b=E9coise?=

Alain wrote:

>J'ajouterais à cette omission (voir le dernier message de F.Dhomont), le
>document diffusé dimanche dernier à Télé-Québec, "La culture dans tous ses
>états; La musique contemporaine".

I would add to this omission (see the last message of Francis Dhomont),
the document (program) broadcast last Sunday on Tele-Quebec, "Culture in
all its states: Contemporary Music".

>Dans cette émission, réalisée par Roy Hubler, on ne parle évidemment que de
>musique instrumentale. La seule quasi-mention de l'existence d'une scène
>électroacoustique au Québec est un extrait d'un clip de Roxanne Turcotte et
>une citation écrite de Francis Dhomont.

This broadcast, produced by Roy Hubler, speaks only of instrumental
music. The only quasi-mention of the existence of an ea scene in Quebec
is an extract of a clip by Roxanne Turcott, and a written quotation of
Francis Dhomont.

>Excellent travail de recherche!

Great research!

>Encore là on ne finit pas de s'attarder sur "notre patrimoine" (Rodolphe et
>André Mathieu entre autres) au lieu de s'intéresser sur ce qui se fait
>maintenant et notamment avec les nouveaux outils technologiques.

Above which, there is a great deal of lingering on "our heritage"
(Rodolphe and Andre Mathieu among others) rather than being interested in
what is currently happening, notably with new technological tools.

>C'est assez déprimant de constater que le milieu culturel subventionné
>privilégie encore une forme musicale en déclin.

It is depressing to note that the "establishment" [the supported cultural
community] still supports [ed note: with $] a musical form that is in

[Sorry for the weak translation.]

>Alain Thibault


Note: from this point forward, I speak only for myself in my capacity as
an individual.




The Quebec ea/cm community may wish to examine why this is continuing to
happen, or it may not wish to. Strength in cultural recognition, in my
view, lies in numbers.

The CEC is, (sadly in terms of Quebec government support and recognition),
burdened with that cursed 'C' letter, but has, at the national level,
begun to require recognition of the Canadian/Quebec ea/cm community at the
national and international level. In my view, the fragmentation of the
Quebec ea/cm community has not served its members, esp the younger,
emerging and females.

Most _individuals_ no longer carry the kind of strength in the artistic
community to demand recognition of an entire art form. The Centre de
musique canadienne is still funded as a (quasi-) arts service
organization, exempt from the new funding formulas and profiles. (In
other cultural contexts, there are less polite ways of expressing this

At the international level, the ea/cm community is crippled by an
outmoded, but recognized and funded, model for international cooperation.
This form of paralysis reaches all arms of the community. CIME is writing
a letter of support for the SAN national center: will they register a
complaint that the Quebec/France events are largely ignoring our own
vibrant community?

With no strong union at the top, either at the international or national
levels, the voices of individuals on this list are but spit in a gale.

At least, that's how I've seen it for the past 25 years.



-6 with 40 cm of new snow <gack>.

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