Re: Granular Synth / Thonk Algorithm?

Subject: Re: Granular Synth / Thonk Algorithm?
From: Marcel Wierckx (
Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 00:38:54 EST

If you're familiar with Max/MSP, you might want to check out Richard Dudas' granular synthesis patch which was presented at the CNMAT (UC Berkeley) Max/MSP Night School classes (I can't remember where to dload these patches, if you can't find them I can send you a copy). Based on his granular algorithms I put together an application to do real-time granular synthesis, you can find it at

Hope this helps.

Marcel Wierckx

>I'm looking to write a DOS/Win32 (maybe port it to Linux as well)
>command line equivalent of the infamous Macintosh THONK. I can't seem to
>a description of what exactly thonk is doing to a raw audio file
>Anyone know where I could find such information on granular synthesis /
>Alone Counter Productions / Intellectual Militia Recordings
>Hammer have you seen her?

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