Re: Granular Synth / Thonk Algorithm?

Subject: Re: Granular Synth / Thonk Algorithm?
From: James Correa (
Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 13:05:13 EST


You write:
>I'm looking to write a DOS/Win32 (maybe port it to Linux as well)
>command line equivalent of the infamous Macintosh THONK. I can't seem to
>a description of what exactly thonk is doing to a raw audio file
>Anyone know where I could find such information on granular synthesis /

You can contact the Thonk's author:

Audio Ease
Arjen van der Schoot
Esdoornstraat 14
3551 AJ Utrecht
Fax: ++31-30-2438500

James Correa
Composer - Sound Designer

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