Call for works - women's history month

Subject: Call for works - women's history month
From: Elainie Lillios (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 14:50:12 EST

March is Women's History Month

In celebration, I will be curating and producing two concerts of
electroacoustic music by women. These concerts will take place in the
Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater at the College of Music, University of
North Texas. Specific dates in March TBA.

I am interested in presenting a wide variety of works by women in the
international ea community, and invite all women to participate.

Please feel free to submit works on DAT or cd. Works must be for tape
only, as performers cannot be secured in time for this event (sorry).
Works for video may be considered, so if you have a video piece, feel
free to send it (video works must be NTSC format).

Please include program notes and a brief bio on a Mac-formatted
floppy disc. PC is also acceptable, but less preferable.

Send submissions to:

Elainie Lillios
College of Music
University of North Texas
Denton, TX 76203

Submissions must be received by February 28 in order to be considered for
the Women's History Month Concerts.

The Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia has an 8 speaker
configuration for electroacoustic concerts. Additional speakers may be
added for this event. Pieces will be projected by women
ea composers from UNT.

(All submissions will be kept to start an archive of ea music by women..
If you want to send multiple piece on a DAT or cd, please do so! If you'd
like your stuff returned to you rather than saved for the archive, please
send an SASE with your submission and I'll gladly return your material.)

Thank you for your support and participation!

Elainie Lillios
Assistant Studio Director
BEAST Studios
Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Music Department
University of Birmingham


phone: +44 121.249.0385

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