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Subject: Re: CEC - Radiophonic Call
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 15:27:50 EST

Dear Larry,

In response to your semi-smiling comment regarding the 'radiophonics of long duration' call, maybe the timing is ironic, yes, but in light of the long term commitment of a project such as this (server costs
for a piece of more than a few minutes in duration add up very quickly with each hit and this project will be 'up' as long as the web and electricity exist), the context (being on a national organization's
website in an international context), the exposure (reaching thousands of ears over many years) potential aesthetic spin-offs (such as texts and other pieces), participating in mass digital distribution
systems (for people in ea/cm, this can be seen as an extension of the art form itself)... I think many elements of this issue are worthy to consider, without irony.

As well, the call mentions waiving mechanical rights, not full copyright or ownership. Simply put, the producers need this to duplicate the piece to put it onto the website. As with all CEC and *PeP* projects,
the participating composers retain full copyright and ownership. No one from this project is going to ask you to, "waive all [your] rights to any compensation for [your] creative efforts (not to mention
production costs incurred!)".

*PeP* and the board of the CEC fully understand the amount of money each composer in ea/cm must swallow to create their work, and understands even more the amount of money it takes to get the works 'out
there'. For ea/cm, there is little infrastructural support (as opposed to instrumental composers who are supported by an extensive musical infrastructure - in Canada, the CC, RCI, CBC/SRC, CMC, SOCAN, etc) and
is presently lobbying to make the funding agencies acknowledge this fact. I don't need to tell someone like you how every little bit aids, and how long the climb is for many, but maybe I do need to remind you
that there are many people, mostly unpaid volunteers (composers and producers alike), around the world who are involved in trying to get the profile of ea/cm on a par with other areas of creative endeavor. I
thought that was where CMA started.Take care, and I hope to hear from you again.


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Ian Chuprun

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