Re: Petition against CD-R tax....

Subject: Re: Petition against CD-R tax....
From: LucFortin (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 18:39:41 EST

>My problem is in trusting the copyright associations to fairly distribute
>the money to those who it belongs to. I have a feeling that Garth Brooks
>and the Spice Girls will be upgrading to the $50 million mansion when their
>royalty cheques come in, while composers such as ourselves won't see a
>penny of that money.

Yes it is frutrating for contemporary music composers to realize that Garth
Brooks sells so many records but the tax money will be distributed on a
"pro rata" basis and of course Shania Twain receive a bigger copyrights
check than , for example, Francis Dhomont. But is there another way to
redistribute this tax ? Can parts of the money be reserved for grants ?
any suggesstions? Is someone from SOCAN reading this ?

>>Recently in MacAddict I saw an " 8 drive CD-R copying tower " advertised.
>>Now anyone can start a CD pirating business.
>>I do not mind paying a tax on blank CDR when I know the money will go to
>>© copyrights association and ultimately to the composers.

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