Copyright tax? This is crap.

Subject: Copyright tax? This is crap.
From: Dac Chartrand (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 18:32:09 EST

LucFortin wrote:
> Recently in MacAddict I saw an " 8 drive CD-R copying tower " advertised.
> Now anyone can start a CD pirating business.
> I do not mind paying a tax on blank CDR when I know the money will go to
> copyrights association and ultimately to the composers.

Bullocks! 8 drive CD-R towers have been available for quite some time.
Pirating has been around for even longer. I don't see how we, as artists
who use blank CDR, need to pay a surcharge so that we inevitably protect
our own rights to produce music. (?!?)

This tax only ensures employment in fields related to copy write and
bureaucracy. I don't see how we as composers will get any of this money
back, unless we're all lawyers on the side.

Liberation of sound for all.

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