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Subject: Re: Fwd: Petition against CD-R tax....Important...
From: N-TAC (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 14:08:11 EST

I have to agree with you on that one...
that is why I posted this information to begin with...
But I guess some people dont see it that way...and acctually do trust
SOCAN for doing this in a proper and orderly and fair fashion.....I
dont from my past experineces with SOCAN....

Neil Wiernik.... wrote:
> My problem is in trusting the copyright associations to fairly
> the money to those who it belongs to. I have a feeling that Garth
> and the Spice Girls will be upgrading to the $50 million mansion
when their
> royalty cheques come in, while composers such as ourselves won't see a
> penny of that money.
> I use CD-R's for data storage, audio backup and making CD's of my
own music
> for performances. I resent having to pay a tax to an industry which is
> already too greedy and powerful for using a product honestly and
> Marcel Wierckx
> >Recently in MacAddict I saw an " 8 drive CD-R copying tower "
> >Now anyone can start a CD pirating business.
> >I do not mind paying a tax on blank CDR when I know the money
will go to
> > copyrights association and ultimately to the composers.

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