resonance 3 - "a spiritual gathering and N-TAC"

Subject: resonance 3 - "a spiritual gathering and N-TAC"
From: N-TAC (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 12:08:16 EST

resonance 3 - "a spiritual gathering"

unfortunately, N-TAC has had to cancel our appearance at this event
due to a scheduling conflict. however, we wish angel and the resonance
crew well and encourage you to attend - even without our involvement,
it promises to be a worthwhile experience.
friday, january 15th, 1999
location t.b.a., toronto
$14 advance at various locations, $20 at door
visit the resonance website at:
or call 416.969.0618 for more up to date information info

For more information on make up events for N-TAC withdrawal from
Resonence 3 please visit

On behalf of N-TAC,

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